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22 July
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Hi there! I'm Nina and this is my blog. It's less gramatically unsound than it was a few years ago, but it's probably not as funny as my teenage diaries (extracts of which can be found in Cringe: Toe Curlingly Embarassing Teenage Diaries, Love Letters and Bad Poetry, edited by Sarah Brown and serving as constant reminders to myself about the danger of taking life too seriously).

If you have friended me, I reccomend you drop me a line saying hello because I look at this userinfo once in a blue moon so I probably won't see you.

I live with one husband, one son, two very fine cats and a dozen melancholy-seeming plants. I enjoy travel and reading and taking photographs and festooning myself with shiny things. I'm also very fond of orangutangs and cake.

I'm naturally cheerful, with a moody underbelly. It sounds confusing unless you're Cancerian, or spend a lot of time living with one.

I used to know how to bellydance but I've forgotten. I can still read tarot cards though.

If you like astrology, then I write a blog about that here.

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