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I love Australia.
I adore it.
I am absolutely thrilled by it.

We met Megan and her boyfriend last night which was great fun, They were both utterly charming individuals and there will be photographic evidence of this event at some point.

Lynne and I think that Oz combines pretty much the best of things both British and American, on top of being beautifully civilised and well-behaved as a country. Not to mention the fact that the weather is nice.

Of course, I realise that it's not perfect. For one thing water doesn't go down the pipes the wron way. And then it's extremely terribly isolated and cut off from the world (whereas Europe seems nestled in this lovely hub of activity where most people I need are just a couple of hours away).

Then in Sydney at least, there are the weird traffic lights which stay green a very very very short time causing me to have to spring across streets (to more melodious cries of Ouch Shit Motherfucker, as my knee protests vociferously). And the cabs look like police cars and I keep getting unerved by the amount of police presence in the streets before I realise that they are just taxis.

But aside from that, it's just lovely.
It's got the vast open spaces and friendly people of America but they seem to have the civility, politeness and the very fine wit of the British. On the other hand they aren't steeped in the Brit jaded cynicism and are unfailingly obliging and kind.

Years ago a very witty Yug man wrote a very witty Yug book called National Park Serbia about post-war Serbia as this isolated reserve in which all sorts of new species have sprung up and old species have taken a turn for the worse. And he documents all these species and lists them with their *latin* name: eg. The Savage Civil Servant out for your blood and liver, or the Hard Done by Citizen (Thirteenus Piggus) or the Unscrupulous Profiteering Prophetess (Nostradama Profiteria ).

Thus far in Australia we have encountered:

The Friendly Hostel Keeper Hostus Splendidus

The Very Helpful Bus Driver Charioteerus Compassionatus

The Arrogant Italian Dolurus in the Buttus (and thankfully not a native species)

The Born Again Christian Christianus Renaissansus

as well as naturally The Friendly Local and The Crushingly Good Didgeridoo Player.

And it is with a sense of real regret that I face the thought of coming back to the UK on Friday (amplified by the dread of the long flight on a plane that seemed to have been designed for tiny Japanese people).

However, we still have one more full day here and we aim to spend it in the Blue Mountains.


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Sep. 24th, 2004 06:30 am (UTC)
"utterly charming individuals"???? us?? :-) of course! lovely to meet you and see, i'm logging into your LJs as promised. it's very gratifying to see my name mentioned on both of your LJs, i feel a celebrity. well, it's friday night and i must go relax. still getting used to this LJ thing.... megan
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