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Random Meetings

Pleasant day yesterday, got rather more accomplished than I usually do.

Met up with verlaine and bluedevi in their neck of the lovely woods, and consumed wine and pub food and was deeply impressed by bluedevi's tales of fire poing in Norfolk. I suppose my nervousness of any fire makes this one stunt I'm unlikely to attempt any time soon.

Then made it to Piccadilly Circus in perfect time to meet up with my friend Ljubica (approximate English version of her name is Violet) in order to see The Complete History of America (abridged) by The Reduced Shakespeare Company.

They were very good, very funny - and I was especially pleased by the fact that our seats got upgraded so we had an excellent view, and on the way out discovered that one of the ushers is a fellow Yug from Belgrade, and had a chat until they kicked us out of the theatre.

I gave him my email (I'm growing more social in my old age) - he seemed a pleasant enough guy (and Igor is a very nice name in Serb no matter how much the Westerners/ Terry Pratchett readers chortle at it) if a bit on the neurotic side - but frankly if you're from Yugoslavia and you haven't had at least one nervous breakdown then there's probably something wrong with you.

And as inspired by twistedserious, for my random f-list appreciation : elf_awareness for the weird and cool chats and livemeat for his excellent sense of humour and for making me feel better on many an occasion in the past.
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