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Sweet Sins

While attempting to plan my journey to Liverpool today I discoverd various things of interest - namely massive works on both the rails and the roads, making the journey by train a paltry five hours minumum. I am sure you can imagine how much the news of this thrilled me.

Nonetheless I shall very bravely persevere thither and hopefully arrive sometime before Muggers Happy Hour and depart on Monday with my person and my belongings intact.

Today I celebrated the arrival of my salary and my replaced debit/visa card by shopping for stuff on Amazon (Season 1 of Farscape, Dirty Pretty Things DVD and a couple of books which looked interesting).

I have also very bravely been attempting to look over the books I already have and (*insert gasp of pain here*) donate the ones I cherish the least to the local charity shops (*breaks down in sobs*).

And while engaged in this painful albeit necessary purging process I have discovered some of my old treasures, which are the racier tomes of bodice-ripper romances (which among other things have long fed my addiction to things which are so bad they are brilliant). They may be an acquired taste but I assure you, well-worth the read if only for the back covers alone.

Some novels I know will provide me hours of entertainment from the title alone (case in point: Honky-Tonk Cinderalla from the How to Marry a Monarch series - in which the waitress-from-a-trailer Luanne Evans captures the heart of the Prince of Carpathia).

Apparently, The author, Karen Templeton's gift is "masterfully making royalty and happily-ever-after-ending believable without dodging painful emotional terrain" and enriching her entirely convincing storylines with a "trademark balance of convincing romance, well-developed characters and a healthy dose of humor"

The only downside as far as I'm concerned is that after gripping cover art, and the wonderful titles and blurbs, not to mention the reviews the books themselves almost seem an anti-climax.

Although Karen Templeton's gift with the pen should not take away from the absolute genius that is Connie Mason (Romantic Times Storyteller of the Year 1990) who brought us such inspired pieces of prose as Viking . I promise you, it is a pure, unadaulterated masterpiece from the MC's name (Thorne the Restless) to the cover and the blurb: *Could Fiona be speaking the truth when she claimed it was not sorcery that bound him to her, but the powerful yearning of his... VIKING HEART.*

And other notable works on the nautical theme such as Pirate and The Last Rogue

The fun need not stop there however, as Connie Mason also authors a rousing Newsletter which brings us tantalising glimpses of upcoming works (such as Gypsy Lover which I hugely look forward to reading)

I love the fact that in all these books the women are virgins, and yet once they have succumbed to their manly captors *manly obelisks of love* the said virginity is dispensed with *a moment of pain, followed by a pleasure unlike any she had previously known*,and that quite naturally nobody climaxes too soon or not at all.

Ah Romance Novels, thank you for the gift of yourselves. Before I knew you existed I had to seek out my sources of comedy from television and the antics of the Yugoslav parliament.


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Aug. 28th, 2004 05:35 am (UTC)
Re: Dirty Pretty Things
You get to own Chiwetel Ejiofor
And it's entirely your fault that it should be so. ;)

I haven't watched the movie but I decided to get it on the strength of your review in your LJ and the fact that the story synopsis looked good.

If I ever get to visit you I'll bring you lots of DVDs. :D
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