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And I'm somewhat browner than I was when I left, thanks to dogged persistence in lying around on the beach.

I had been planning to do as little as possible and I'm happy to say I did it.

Met some more of nanji's family and her new boyfriend and consumed much more alcohol than I'm used to.

Memorable events included (in rough chronological order)
*showing ability to use fluent French AND follow directions

* Watching the first two episodes of SEASON 4 of Lexx on video thanks to the taping efforts of Robert. It looks like a wonderful season and I'm left tingling with anticipation. It's been a long time in coming certainly- over a year. Can't wait until it's released on DVD.

*having a long chat with N and her new boyfriend while all of us perched on chairs in a rather small kitchen and drank Limoncello shots, until we'd finished the bottle. Which incidentally is an experience I am unlikely to forget, or repeat in a hurry.
Limencello is meant as an aperitif, not to be consumed in vast quantities, and it really takes its toll the morning after by taking vengeance on the stomach once it's finished combusting the aesophagus with its fumes.

*spending a lot of time doing lying on the beach trying to maximise sun exposure and minimise amount and frequency of sun screen used, in order to coax skin into the beginnings of its reluctant browness. (My skin is not very keen on tanning, it tends to go golden mostly)

*having a very lovely meal on the beach, and watching an almost full moon rise above the Mediterrenean- pink at first and then turning corn-yellow as it ascended.

*consuming more wine than I'm used to the same night and swearing off food and drink forever, although fickle beast that I am I'd changed my mind by next evening.

*getting to celebrate nanji's birthday on Saturday, with a barbecue on a friend of hers terrace -her do was much swankier than mine, it was a true bohemian feast, (and I had there one of the nicest drinks I've ever tasted- champagne with ripe nectarine juice and pulp grated into it, largely thanks to Nance's extensive research into coctails during the previous week).


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