deep sky, firefly (rainsinger) wrote,
deep sky, firefly

Yesterday was my first day at Breaking Free.

The culmination of ten weeks training and loads of weeks for the agency to get its act together about arranging for assessments and shifts, but it was done and off I went, managing to get sopping wet on the way.

So, all the way there as I sat trapped on the Northern Line, I prayed : Please Lord, make it an easy day. Ease me into this. Don't give me anyone whose multiple, or a ritual abuse survivor, and preferrably no one in the midst of a flashback

And indeed, during my shift I got about 12 calls, during 10 of which someone hung up as soon as I picked up and did the introductory spiel of *Breaking Free, my name is Nina, how can I help*.

So that was totally fine. We have now established that I can deal with people who hang up with no trouble whatsoever :D And my toothing pains feel eased, I feel pretty relaxed and comfortable again and ready to deal with more challenging matters.

On the way back home, while waiting for the BUS I was attempting to allay my conscience by reading through Dental Public Health documents I was meant to have edited ages ago when I was approached by a little old man who'd been passing thta way.

*I never learned to do that!*he said to me, a trifle more proudly than I would have in the cirucumstances.
*I am seventy two years of age, and I never learned to do that! Read or write. My wife, she used to do all this for me. Now she's dead.*
He paused briefly and we contemplated the inconsiderate nature of his wife.

Then he brightened.
*Now, I just get my daughters to do it for me*. He seemed to be looking at me expectantly, so I said *very canny, sir* and he tottered off happily.

the straight white arrows on a blue background are signs to indicate *one-way only*, and the crossed red arrows are a stop sign

although this second one, is more technically a gypsyism

Tags: tales of toil
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