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Dream a little dream...

I've had a fairly intense night of dreaming, and for once I am able to retain everything with wonderful clarity.

Firstly I dreamt of meepettemu, and that we were involved in some convoluted project, and there was a talking rabbit who was eating a humongous pepperoni pizza and I was trying to fill up the water bottle in its cage, which had been dry for about three years.

Psychadelic and bizzarre.

And then it was on to auzerais, with whom I was staying in a huge hotel with funny twisting corridors and antique furniture, (we were there for an astrology class) and we walked about on the seaside trying on strange hats from 1930s.

And then the dreaming changed into one of those intense dreams that I am convinced is thoroughly real, and actually happening in that instant.

I dreamt I was in a terrible car crash. I was in the backseat of the car, the middle passanger and we were crossing the bridge between Old and New Belgrade, and the driver was distracted, not paying enough attention to the road ahead because he kept turning around and I was the only one who could see the crash looming. I screamed to warn him, but we crashed anyway.

The whole thing of screaming metal and flying shattering glass and me throwing up my hands to protect my eyes and head/face and being hurled into the person next to me, and against the side of the car and then I'm just trying to count my limbs and whether I can still see, hear, move but I can't speak and then everything goes black. I regain consciousness and I am outside the car, stretched out on the ground with everyone else (pulled out of the vehicle by the rescue services) and I think the driver and I are the only ones left alive.

He seems bruised and cut but mostly all right, and I can think with wonderful clarity but I can't move because I've broken ribs and I've got a lot of internal damage and unconsciousness seems like a good place to be. The rescue people keep trying to ressussitate me but I'm floating in a wholly pleasant dark and I only surface for flashes and seconds as though I was having a series of seizures.

When I do finally come back, it seems that several weeks have passed, and I'm in a hospital, but I'm weak, and I can't move and I can't figure out where my family has gone and I can't find them. And I'm trying to, in order to let them know I am still alive.

Except I'm still in a state of crash, and I can't move because every single time I try to move I fall down or black out. The world is desolate, and I'm all broken.


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Jun. 27th, 2004 01:35 am (UTC)
sounds like a very scarey dream, the feeling of not being able to move is likely due to the fact u were sleeping, it's the same as not being able to run in many of your dreams, defence mecahnism by the body to stop you hurting yourself.

sounds like you need to eat less cheese before bed ;)

Jun. 27th, 2004 04:17 am (UTC)
Heh. :) Don't think cheese had much to do with it...

It was an intense dream, but it wasn't so terrifying- one of those *curious calm that comes over you when you're convinced you are about to die* type things.

although, the feeling of not being able to move is likely due to the fact u were sleeping, it's the same as not being able to run in many of your dreams, defence mecahnism by the body to stop you hurting yourself I hadn't thought of that. :)

I can see the meaningfulness in it though, i think it was one of the transition dreams, and there are transitions happening all over the place- it's Election day for starters here and the crash occurs on the bridge between the Old and the New. :)
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