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In which I have to read and tidy up a 93 page single-spaced document (by tidy up means to structure it and sort it out into some sort of semblance of order and sense).

It's not to bad really. I'm enjoying it so far and learning more than I ever wanted to know about the Dental Oral Health Behaviours of Minority Ethnic Populations in England and Wales

My brain has turned into allergy central and anti-histamines have been putting me to sleep and I feel very drowsy and slightly zombified, entertaining thoughts of curling up under my desk and hoping nobody notices.

Weekend was good. Friend stayed over to indulge his compassionate impulses and nurture me and my allergies and hangover which= food + cuddles, which = happiness.

My house smells madly of lillies, and so does my skirt a little. My skin smells of sunlight and Davidoff Cool Water for Men.

I have been experiencing terrible longings for Belgrade and I can't wait to steal some vacation time. I feel crazy urges to be in my land, to walk around the ruins of the Kalemegdan fortress in Belgrade, or to sit on the banks of the Danube in the dappled shadows that leaves cast, and watch the Sun setting on the river and listen for the distant rumble of spring and summer storms. Or to walk barefoot in Montenegro, to feel the long grass under my soles and climb trees to shake the figs loose from them; I want to plait flowers into my hair, or to climb onto one of the flat roofs at twilight and lie on my back watching the moon's ascent and the bright fall of shooting stars.

But mostly lie in my bed in Belgrade with all the windows open and listen to the sounds the city makes, while the voice of a part of me says I'm home


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