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Wow. Life has taken off and got crazy and I haven't had time to properly catch up with LJ, or indeed my brain.

Had fun with folk last night elethe, verlaine and bluedevi it was great to meet you and Jasna said she enjoyed herself very much as well.

The temp agency have made good on their promises so I've got work six days a week for the next three weeks. Woo hooo.

Jasna and I have been having fun. Walked around London yesterday, we went to see the Brancusi exhibition in Tate Modern and then the El Greco Exhbition in the National Gallery, and I surprised myself by not getting us lost even once.

I preferred Brancusi because he is more abstract, the El Greco exhbition was crowded and it was ten quid, both of which pained me, as did my feet at this point. I was so knackered that I fell asleep in the room where they were showing a short film about El Greco's works to the duet of the droning curator and Jasna's whispered running abuse of his character and intelligence and ignorance of Byzantine art(she had a point. he was a masterfully boring man).

I do like El Greco's style, but I'm not crazy about the religious themes. Jasna on the other hand is harboruing a hankering for Catholicism (it appeals to her warped moral code) so she was on a high.

It's nice after the hell that was last two weeks to be having fun. Not just contentment but actual heady fun.

Tuesday night was mellow, in attempting to clean and order my room I had discovered some leftover weed and even though we figured it was probably useless on account of being about six months old we decided to give it a shot and smoke it anyway. There followed some maiming of cigarettes for the tobacco and some of the wonkiest most incompetent joint-rolling ever and were pleasantly surprised to discover that the herb still had power and we ended up getting stoned while watching footy (Monaco vs. Chelsea) and I didn't realise I was stoned until it occurred to me that 1)I was convulsed in giggling fits 2)football was enjoyable and 3) my body felt wonderfully relaxed.

I went to bed feeling more mellow than I had in months and slept so deeply and peacefully I could have wept with gratitude.

And tomorrow is a day of toil, but they're paying me £10+ an hour so it's pretty worth my while.


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