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Movie Meme

1. The first movie you remeber seeing in a theater

ET. I was about six I think. I remember screaming and clinging to my mum in that first scene when Eliott runs into ET in the cornfield, and bursting into copious tears when a) ET gets left behind b) ET seems to be dying c) ET gets separated from the boy. I was a very emotional child and easily moved.

2. The first one you saw on VHS
It was a feature-length cartoon The last Unicorn just after my dad died. Someone got me this thinking it would cheer me up, since it was a cartoon, but if anyone has actually seen it, they would know the futility of that notion.

The first proper film would have been Ben Hur. I saw it umpteen times, mostly for the horse race in the end and because Charlton Heston looked like my dad and I was missing him.

3. First on DVD

Pay it Forward

4. Your most vivid memory of watching a movie on an airplane

Something with Van Damme that I got really absorbed in because it featured sex with Mia Farrow.

5. # of movies you own 2 copies of - 1 on VHS, 1 on DVD

possibly 1, Out of Africa

6. A movie you went to the theater for that, well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

*On Deadly Ground* or *Dangerous Ground* or something of the sort with Steven Segal. The scene where they cut off the poor guy's fingers with a machete has scarred me for life. Although I can only imagine what had possessed my mother to take my friends and I to see Jaws 3 in 1988 other than that maybe she was hoping that I would only feel safe in a bathtub.

7. A movie you walked into expecting to be disappointed, and walked out of pleasantly surprised

Along Came Polly

8. First movie you saw with your significant other

no S/O

9. A movie that you waited and waited and waited to come out on DVD

Currently still waiting in anticipation for Angels in America . I'm not sure. LOTR: THe Two Towers perhaps.

10. First movie on DVD you actually watched with the director's commentary on

LOTR: The Two Towers

11. Worst "Best Picture" you've ever seen

I haven't a clue.

12. In your opinion, the gravest injustice the Oscars have inflicted

er, their focus and indiscrimante rewarding of hollywood-generated drivel?

13. Scariest movie from your childhood

Jaws 3. The thing with the mad clown under the bed (Poletergeist?) comes a close second.

14. Funniest movie from your childhood

I liked the Russian ones where the bears rode bicycles. And The Goonies really amused me except when they threatened to put the fat boy's extremeties in the blender.

15. Movie that you thought was deep when you were 14, then when you watched again at 24, all you could think was, "WTF???"

Bearing in mind that I never watched a lot of movies...probably some over-dramatic bollocks like the thing with Charlton Heston when he's Moses.

I thought X-Men cartoons were profound when I was 14 and I watched them obsessively.

16. Movie you're too ashamed to admit to your friends you've never seen.

Christ, it's a long list. People are routinely shocked at what I haven't seen. Casablanca, Hair, Alien and many, many more.

17. Movie that you absolutely refuse to watch, no matter what your friends or the critics say.

Anything where people's get maimed or have any body parts cut off, really any torture scene will have me feeling nauseous.

18. Movies where, in your opinion, the sequel was better than the original.

xmen, star wars, austin powers, LOTR (The Two Towers remains my favourite)

19. Movie that most unfairly portrays your profession / religion / hometown

Christ, so many. On top of the list is anything where Serbs are portrayed simply as murderous lunatics

20. What scene, in what movie, was filmed closest to where you are sitting right now:

No Man's Land when the Serb and the Bosnian are sitting in the trench between the war lines and the man next to them is lying on a mine that will explode if he moves.



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Mar. 6th, 2004 12:14 am (UTC)
oh! i used to watch the x-men cartoons when i was fourteen, too. i had such a crush on gambit... ah. :)

Mar. 6th, 2004 04:33 am (UTC)
lol! me too, me too!
Though it took me a while to work out what he was saying because his accent was a bit weird to mine ear.

I also found Wolverine to be appealing too in his strange rugged snarley masculine way.
Mar. 6th, 2004 09:37 am (UTC)
you are the first person i've found who prefereed two towers over the other two movies - i'm so glad i'm not the only one!!! :-p
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