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An alternative take on Myers-Briggs

Nothing like not having the use of one arm to make my obstinate nature want to draw and type...Ah well, at least I am getting the bloody illustrations done.

Pinched from dubaiyan

Pirate Monkey's Harry Potter Personality Quiz
Harry Potter Personality Quiz
by Pirate Monkeys Inc.

I think when I did the real personality testing I ended up as INTP (there was an idea of using the Personality types to work with the tarot, and seeing if we could get them to correspond to the four court cards. Potentially extremely possible since there are 16 court cards and each is a combination of the elements.)

I'm always interested between comparisons of things like Personality testing and Tarot and Astrology. For instance, in Tarot the card I have repeatedly drawn for myself (out of the choice of 16 shuffled face down court cards) was the Queen of Swords [swords represent the element of Air -thought- and the Queen of Swords is the most detached, mental and analytical {also critical} of the four Queens and it has long been the card I felt I resonated with the most.

In Astrology, out of the three main elements (Sun, Moon and Ascendant) I have two in Water, one in Earth. Water is the element of intuition, emotion, and feeling it bestows the double-edged gift of sensitivity. nanji may have a slightly different definition, but these are the ones I tend to work with: The Sun in the natal chart represents the core, the essence of you. The Moon represents your emotional nature, your hidden self. Your Ascendant is how those are manifested, the way you approach the world.

Although I am extremely sensitive and emotional (as all my freinds have been doomed to find out ;) ) I have done my best to dilute this with the use of logic and rationality and done my best to simply concentrate on using my thinking capacities (to the point of even becoming disconnected from my emotional self). As a result the side of me the world sees first tends to be the critical, analytical, pragmatic side which corresponds well with the astrological sign of Virgo (my Ascendant). Similarly, with Nance her double Fire (Sun in Leo, Moon in Aries) is significantly mellowed and shaped by the Aquarius Ascendant. I do find it amazing how well people tend to match thier Rising sign. This is true even when I don't at the beginning know what the Rising sign is.

E.g. I have a close friend who is a Taurus (typically slow, patient, loyal, stubborn people who move at thier own {lumbering} pace through the world, tend to be traditional and conservative, are typically quite hard-working once they see the point of something but also very slow to change or to anger). While my mate was certainly patient and hard-working and cooks generously and well, he seemed nothing like a typical Bull. For one thing he is extremely energetic and dynamic, very enthusiastic and spontaneous and the first to jump up and rush in and do whatever needs doing. So from knowing him and learning my way around astrology I had an idea that he would have some very fierey elements in his chart and was not at all surprised when I worked out that his Ascendant was in Aries (the Ram, a Fire Sign, probably the most Oomph-ey, energetic, enthusiastic of the 3 fire signs; Leo is regal and as long as long as it is the centre doesn't mind staying in one place; Sagittarius is more of a philosopher, adventurer in the sense of The Great Quester while Aries is more of a Pioneer and out for excitement).

Anyway, I realise not everyone is as interested in Astrology as I am, so I'll stop there. ;)


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Mar. 5th, 2004 02:51 pm (UTC)
I'm dumbledore.
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