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H&M and outlet stores I love you

First off warm greetings to the very pretty nanji who has re-surfaced from whichever wilderness she vanished in. Happiness and joy. Welcome back my little astro whizz. :)

and now onto more mundane events...

I went clothes shopping. :) Partially this was because my clothes were either too big or falling apart and partially because my family was willing to pay for it. Loot includes one pair of trousers, two t-shirts and a long-sleeved top.

Few things make me as happy as finding really great troosers, and these ones fit like a dream and do their best to play down the unappealing features of my legs while accenting leg length. Trinny and Susannah would be proud of me.

The T-shirts are pink. I've been in a pink phase recently. I tend to think and respond to colour a lot and pink to me has come to mean a mix of femininity and assertive attitude (depending on shade of pink), and I've been wearing it quite a lot of late.

After recent slumps I feel very good. I seem to be entering a rock-chick phase, unusual for me but a pleasant energy buzz.

I had a vivid dream about that. I was onstage and I was singing Janis Joplin's *Piece of My Heart* and some other songs I don't remember but I was very cool. In my dream my voice surprised me because I discovered I had this profound, husky, resonant voice somewhere inside me and I just let it out and had wonderful fun with it. The best part of the dream was I remember my attitude in it, very confident, didn't care what people though, I owned the stage.

My body clock is still fucked, still having trouble sleeping and thinking, but at least I have been working quite a lot. Good week in terms of clients, some very good readings which I am very deeply pleased with.

I'm finally getting to the stage of my Tarot career when I think, Yes, I'm good.

It's a great feeling.
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