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I love the ugly wedding dress site. It is a work of inspired genius. I have gone thorugh all the blogs and archives. I have had hours of fun.

While on way to see a tarot client I saw a nifty little art store that had many fabulous cards. They are of the postcard format but not classic postcards as such. And they were cheap.
*guilt-free bliss*

I love those things. I can quite happily browse through them for hours and I have a growing collection at home. I am especially fond of strange/surreal images.

Partly because I have twisted tastes and partly because the composition of the images often gives me ideas for my own art.

I love surreal art perhaps because it is so dreamlike and striking. I've had hours of entertainment trying to work out how many figures I could see in Dali's paintings.

Strangely I have never tried this while stoned. An idea. I could probably pass it off as my good psychology training fuelled desire for empirical research.

I have furthermore concluded that it would be unfair to think that my life is full of darkness and despair when there are so many things which amuse, especially on terrestrial television.

When I feel particularly bleak I have only to remember Peter Andre singing his *song* Insania , which he bravely composed on I'm a Celebrity... Get me out of here! troubling his hair-gelled head with such weighty issues as cloning and genetic research.

I've also developed a particular fascination for programs such as Bargain Hunt. (For the non-Brits: two teams get given some money to go and hunt for antiques and then these get sold at auction. Whichever team manages to make the most money on thier items (or the least loss) wins.)

Yes, the entire thing would indeed be as thrilling as watching water boil except that I continuously discover new levels of wonder at the ugly tack that people buy and then foist off on other people who seem to be prepared to compete in auction for it. I have yet to see anything I would spend more than 40pence on or use for any other purpose than as cheap china to break in a fit of aggravation.

ANd yet, and yet, there are people who seem to genuinely like it. Although they don't have sloped foreheads and overhanging brow ridges I have noticed that their eyes often have a glazed and happy vacancy which makes me think the auction houses might drug the lot of them.

But then people are strange creatures. There are in all probability people who like, or even love, Tim Wonacott (the presenter). Like his mother, for instance. I deduce that someone must care for this man since he is
a) still the presenter
b)no one has yet attempted to strangle him with one of his annoying bow ties.

Thankfully I think he is gay, which at the very least hopefully spares the human race from his contribution to the gene pool.


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