deep sky, firefly (rainsinger) wrote,
deep sky, firefly

clovember 1-9


Over the years I have developed something of an obsession with bird print, a weakness which has gladdened the heart of many a retailer.

The long black pencil skirt is from M&S purchased years ago and still holding strong as The Best Skirt Ever.

And a knottable necklace is doing double-duty as a bracelet.

clovember 2nd

Lovely grey Phase Eight sweater-dress, via eBay. So soft and warm it's like wearing a kitten.

I forgot to take a picture on November 3rd on account of running around Chessington all day, but it is essentially the same getup as below, except with one of my many grey sweaters.

clovember 4th

Gap Curvy jeans and berry cowl-neck sweater.

clovember 5th

More comfort clo's to help get me through a day of team meetings.

clovember 6th

Today's clo's were assembled in the dark.
Shoutout to Boden cropped cashmere cardigan (sourced at 70% off in their ebay store) which I wear solidly from November until May.

clovember 7th

Denim pencil skirt, stripy Mango cowlneck that is older than my marriage, M&S tights and navy boots from Next that are up to the challenge of wide calves.

clovember 8th

Orange bird dress of joy and optimism.

clovember 9th

Awesomely comfortable wide-leg jeans and a cleavage-tastic top from Dorothy Perkins.
Tags: clothes, daily chronicle, meme, shineys
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