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The Meaning of Blog

Engrish is not actually my first language.
This knowledge occasionally catches me and my friend by surprise, because i go around assuming i know all the words it takes me a while occasionally, to remember that i dont.

Today's surprising is "Blog". I have no idea what it actually means other that it is something to do with the internet.

In my head it is often like an episode of "Call my Bluff" where i end up making up the meanings of words and then pretending that those words existed in Engrish all along, or that mine are thier true meanings. (unfortunately my supervisor has a real knack for calling my bluff, damn him).

Anyway, Blog.
I've been producitve today, and i feel like being creative and silly to unwind.


Blog (noun)
1. a particularly stupid driver who cuts in front of you in traffic, and manages to stick his head out of the window and use both his hands to make inventive gestures at you, while steering the car at breakneck speed with his knees.

2. the patch of incognito mud, carried on shoes, resistant to wiping but with a fatal attraction for white carpet.

3. a traditional Bavarian folk dance.

verb, to blog

- artfully make freindly conversation with a bus conductor in hopes of avoiding having to pay the fare.

blog-onomatopeia, the noise hopes falling heavily into water and sinking fast.

If anyone wishes to offer alternative, or knows the actual definition of Blog, feel free to comment. You will be most welcome.

And in tune with Douglas Adams' "The Meaning of Liff", a Darlington, R and I had decided, is the hopelessly awful present you get from someone, that nonetheless moves you incredibly deeply because you know they tried so hard and yet got it so wrong, and it becomes all the more meaningful because of the degree of its horribility.


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