deep sky, firefly (rainsinger) wrote,
deep sky, firefly

Diplomacy 101

My mum has arrived to visit us. Matei, who is normally very fond of his grandmother, experiences one of his clannish changes of mood and suggests to her that she ought to leave, listing a number of reasons for this:

"Why did you come here? There is nothing here for you grandma! No space, no food, no toys, no bathtub! You should just go, go right now! You're bothering us and you shouldn't have come. Go home to Belgrade, you live there and we live here without you."

Grandma: "I came to see your Mummy and daddy."
Matei: "This is also my house, and I say that you should go right now."

He is sent to spend time in a room alone and think about his actions by his horrified and shocked parents. He re-emerges eventually and apologises to his grandmother.

Grandma: Why did you say those things?
Matei: I was a bit confused. In fact I meant to say "I love you."
Tags: amusement, nablopomo, parenthood, quotes
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