deep sky, firefly (rainsinger) wrote,
deep sky, firefly

The Chivalry and the Sulkery

Matei on his BFF from nursery.
"Mummy, B is my best friend. I am going to fall in love with her soon. Probably tomorrow."

On Dragons:
"I am a Knight! Here is my sword and here is my shield! I am going to go and fight a Dragon now!"
"Okay then, see you later!" (Matei returns after five minutes).
"I fought with the Dragon! I had to say Oh Fuck It, because it was very difficult."

Living with him is never dull, especially nowadays when his moods fluctuate from Extreme Chivalry to Adolescent Angst. Although his Knight obsession works quite well in some respects (Knights don't push their sisters, they share toys, they face their fears and get dressed rapidly) he can apparently only take so much good behaviour before flipping into full door-slamming mode.

And when he's not telling me that he doesn't love me anymore! will never love me again! (Or my favourite: "Mummy, I will no longer speak with you! I will only listen!" "Okay Matei, if that's what you feel you must do.") he cannot do enough for me.

"Mummy, I brought you this delicious little cheese (Babybel). I pucked it up especially for you, in case you were experiencing hunger. Shall I unwrap it for you, if you are exhausted by unwrapping?"

Oh the fun times that his actual adolescence will bring.
Tags: parenthood
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