deep sky, firefly (rainsinger) wrote,
deep sky, firefly

Kitchen: Evolution

Kitchen renovation is moving along, transforming itself from nightmare into merely the kind of dream in which you are trying to run for a bus but you are wading through marshland and your legs have inexplicable sandbags attached to them.

What we started with:
sad, stripped kitchen

The hardest part, without question, was the sanding of the walls once the tile had been ripped away:sooooo much dust

The fine dust coated every surface and every pore. For a while it was like living in the midst of nuclear winter. The only bearable thing to do was to direct a fan at the open kitchen window and have it blow the clouds of dust outside, which also caused a frisson of alarm and excitement for our neihbours who believed that our flat was on fire.

Z, the sanding bandit:
my sanding ninja

Now walls are painted, and kitchen components are slowly being put in. kitchen- coming together

I transformed the sad, wooden kitchen blinds into swanky new Roman blinds using this ingenious tutorial on the Little Green Notebook.

wooden blind transformed into roman blind

The results are excellent, although perhaps too efficient at filtering out light.

There is still masses of work to go, but I have high hopes that sometime in my near future the hob, the oven and the plumber will all inhabit my life at the same time and that my meals will no longer consist of crackers and carrot sticks.

Until then:

my temporary dishwashing station
Tags: achievements, house!
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