deep sky, firefly (rainsinger) wrote,
deep sky, firefly

Like an eerie glimpse of a post-Apocalyptic world

For my mental health, I rarely follow the news. This explains why when people were asking me my thoughts about the unrest in Tottenham, I was convinced we were talking about football hooligans causing chaos after a match.

Recent events suggest that Londoners have become increasingly worried by the fact that we are running out of fossil fuels and have decided to take matters into their own hands by setting fire to cars and buildings and wheelie bins. This is somewhat of a shock to me, since I normally have to go to the Balkans for that sort of thing.

(In fact it seems only yesterday that Z and I were driving with the children through lions of police and thugs during Belgrade's Gay Pride last October, while a couple of streets over buses burned. Fun family times).

Current snark is a placeholder for actual ability to make sense of the riots. The images of the day's violence are shocking, even though the violence itself is unsurprising having simmered and crackled and accumulated for months, like tension in the air before a storm.
Tags: current events, wtf
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