deep sky, firefly (rainsinger) wrote,
deep sky, firefly


"Mummy, you must be careful and not eat any poisonous plants without asking me first."
"Oh, okay. Matei can I eat poisonous plants?"
"No Mummy! Because then you would die!"
"And what would happen then?"
"I'd have to take out the poison and give you the right sorts of food and heal you. It would be very difficult and a lot of effort."
"And what would happen if you couldn't heal me?"
After a minute's thought. "Then I would need to ask God to sort it out."

After being forced to share his motorcycle with another child, Matei declares that he is 'a policeman' and informs rival child that he has committed a number of traffic violations and therefore has been barred from driving.
"But I didn't do anything wrong!" protests rival child.
"You did, you did," Matei replies gravely and sadly. "I am the policeman, I should know."

Leaving for London tomorrow. I am going to miss them so so so much.
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