deep sky, firefly (rainsinger) wrote,
deep sky, firefly

Self portrait with daughter

Self portrait with daughter

I NOM you, delicious baby! NOM NOM NOM.

I am working on some meaningful entries - such as Birth Story Part II - but today has consisted of 5 hours of shouty children in Legoland and then 200 miles worth of roadtrip from Manchester to London improbably wedged between two car seats in order to provide comfort and sustenance to infants, and now we are back and both the children are sleeping and Nina's Outraged Dented Hip is insisting on communion with the bath. A lengthy communion.

On the other hand, today's meaningless drivel is brought to you by day 14 of the National Blog Posting Month and my misplaced sense of competitiveness.

How has your weekend been?
Tags: blather, daily chronicle, parenthood
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