deep sky, firefly (rainsinger) wrote,
deep sky, firefly

the many indignities visited upon the young

Yesterday, in the name of exercising our son* (Z: "Fresh air makes him drunk and more amenable to sleeping!"; N:"Just think how amenable he will be when we make him push this buggy up slopes!") we layered up and went to Primrose Hill.

The baby ( being most congested and the least able to protest) earned the most layers - she was wrangled yowling into a snowsuit that made her look like the crucified Christ, and then bundled into a buggy whereupon her arms continued to stick at 90 degree angles to her body.

Here is a picture of her slow martyrdom by snowsuit. Matei's interpretation: "I think the baby wants a hug".

Tags: amusement, parenthood, quotes
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