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defeatist rhetoric

I am eating the queen of cakes - Z's divine tiramisu- as an attempt to cheer myself up in the face of David Cameron beeing the new (eerily smooth) face of the country.

I do not like David Cameron. I do not trust David Cameron. He has always looked so smug, which I always consider one of the prime bad signs in a man.

I do not have reasons to be personally fearful. My demographic (the young, white, marrieds) is who he will be courting, not culling, and even if he decimates my sector I will find another job. But this does nothing to assauge the anxieties I have about the people I have spent six years of my life serving, or the communities I have worked with, and what the change will mean for them. Or what it will mean for the things that I hold most dear about the UK.

I try to console myself with long-term thinking. That we were going to be in for lean years under any government, and that losses in social justice in the short-term may help a long-term return of Old Labour. That at least the stronger presence of the Liberal Democrats might slow things down, or help keep them more moderate. That the current outcome may truly be the best of the bad lot.

I remind myself of all the profound ways in which I have hated Tony Blair's government generally and Tony Blair in particular.

But still, I feel tired and sad though glad that I don't need to keep thinking about the election anymore. I guess I'm just fed up with the whole thing. Either that, or I have taken to channeling Gordon Brown.


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May. 12th, 2010 12:27 am (UTC)
Too many of us remember the state the last tory government left us in - yes, some people made money on their council flats, but an equivalent number couldn't then get into state housing when they needed it - they fed an increasing middle class by taking from the working class.

I don't think many LD members will be too happy with, preferring to stay on the outside of any formal coalition. That too will strengthen labour, although there's a lot to forgive, again...

I must email - did you get my text recently? ;-)
May. 19th, 2010 05:02 am (UTC)
I don't think I got your text - but my phone has wiped out its contacts and unless it was signed with your name, I might not have known it was from you.

Would love to catch up though. I miss you and it has been too long.
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