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weekly wrap-up

Second Child Syndrome Starts Early

Pregnancy photos documenting my expanding belly size with Matei - 30 or so, almost weekly from week 8.

Photos of belly so far - 2, one from week 13, one from week 26.

Improv also starts early

Z and Matei are in the park. Matei has discovered a shed containing a number of exciting tools - lawnmowers, rakes, and a tractor. He has been wedded to this shed for half an hour - sighing longingly and providing elaborate inventory of its contents "this one cuts the hair of the grass, this one rakes leaves and TRACTORRRRR!". Eventually, Z (who had enough twenty minutes ago) succeeds in luring him away and in the direction of home. Suddenly Matei stops in his tracks and announces:

"We forgot something!"

Z: What did we forget?

M: Uhm.... uhm..... we forgot to pick a flower! That one, next to the tractor! We must go back!

(Z went back and stayed awhile. We like to reward intelligence, although perhaps long-term there is nothing but sorrow that comes from encouraging cunning in one's children).

Stoicism 101

Matei telling Z and me about A Terrifying Incident In His Life:

M: I was stroking a tree with my hand and then I got a SPLINTER.

Z: And then what happened?

M: Then I cried.

the thieving octopus is hilarious, but mostly watching that video made me hungry and I have been fighting off ever since elaborate fantasies of shooting that octopus and having all his delicious tentacles with salad. Nom nom.
Tags: amusement, parenthood
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