deep sky, firefly (rainsinger) wrote,
deep sky, firefly

Everybody is an art critic

A few days ago, while I was still interacting with my family instead of hiding from all living being so I could write my dissertation, Matei and I were passing the morning in drawing.

Flush with success at drawing an Easter Egg, he drew me (and it is a wonderful depiction I shall do my best to locate and scan in. I am particularly taken with the fact that my eyes are a constellation of dots completely outside my face).

Then, he realised that me drawing and him issuing commands was clearly playing to both our skill sets, so the following exchange took place:

Matei: Mummys, draw me a tractor!

Nina: -complies -

Matei: Mummys, now draw a steering wheel for the tractor, and a seat for the man to sit down in.

Nina: -adds these in-

Matei: Now draw a man to drive the tractor!

Nina: -with just a hint of artistic weariness, draws a stick figure next to the tractor-

Matei: Mama, that is NOT a man! It is a scarecrow!
Tags: amusement, parenthood
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