deep sky, firefly (rainsinger) wrote,
deep sky, firefly

The Littlest Comedian

Matei has declared that he cannot pick up his toys because he is: "pregnant and very tired".
I am thinking of getting him his own Twitter account.

His deviousness really shouldn't be that much of a surprise, since my family is well known for it.

My aunt hated to eat as a child, and her biggest nightmare was being taken to visit other households where she would be inevitably plied with food. So, at the tender age of 3 (she the daughter of two atheists) when being offered sandwiches by the hostess replied politely with :
"No thank you, I am fasting."*

And I as a 6 year old, when being pestered by an aged great-uncle told him that I would love to sit on his lap, but unfortunately I have at this very moment a terrible case of vertigo.

I have wrecked my knee and am rapidly losing my fondness for snow.

*The Orthodox Christians are fond of fasts, and will do one for Lent, 40 days before Christmas and every Friday.
Tags: childhood, glee, parenthood, quotes
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