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So. No Go, yesterday. All flights were cancelled and my hatred of RyanAir has grown exponentially since then. As has my lack of understanding about why the snow is such a problem. The runways were fairly clear. To say nothing of the fact that planes take off and land all the time in Canada, Serbia and Russia to name but a few - countries that routinely get feet of snow in wintertime. Are those magical planes? Are those magical runways?

Matei behaved amazingly well for a child whose day consisted of spending a few hours sitting in a car, then sitting at the airport, then sitting in a car again. After I had run out of bitterness, fury and swear words I spent yesterday afternoon pretending I was in Slovenia and Z and I celebrated a modest Orthodox Christmas Eve with sushi. Today I have been healing from my sulk and sourcing my consolation prize of 'Weekend in the Cotswolds' despite Z's misgivings about country roads and snow and the possibility of spending our time instead in Stranded Frozen Carswold.

Recently the musical beds of my household have reached epic proportions. For his daytime nap Matei creates a nest of stuffed animals on Z's and mine bed while at least one cat sleeps in his. At night, he goes to sleep in his own bed and stays there until about 3am, at which point it apparently becomes intolerable and he then goes looking for Z and me, while once more at least one cat happily snuggles in the space he vacated. I have recently taken to sleeping on the sofa for Ease Of Nighttime Studying and also as a break from having a toddler head lovingly jammed into the back of my neck, but M has grown wise to my tricks and has started looking in the living room for me. God knows what the whole arrangement will look like when Another One gets here.


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Jan. 7th, 2010 03:35 pm (UTC)
Apparently Stansted runway was open all day, but the planes were stuck in Birmingham. Plus RyanAir are shit.

Isn't the Cotswolds where most of the snow went?

Daniel sneaks into our bed around 3-5am about 50% of the time. If he lies still we often don't notice until a decent hour. If he kicks, he gets banished back to his own room.
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