deep sky, firefly (rainsinger) wrote,
deep sky, firefly

the road to hell is paved with problem-solving skills

Yesterday while I was enjoying some privacy in the loo (that will teach me) my son was systematically destroying the kitchen. He climbed on a chair in order to open the fridge door, take down a jar of mustard, open the jar of mustard and then use its contents to completely cover one of his toy cars and when I found him he was holding up his creation very proudly and saying:
"Matei painted".

M has recently taken up swearing, (o parent shame!) but at least it's in a minority language and perfectly context-appropriate, so we're kind of proud. (Besides, I'm sure he's not the first person to tell non-compliant Lego to f*** itself).

It also brings to mind many memories of Aleksander, who as a toddler was taught by our godfather the following rhyme in Serbian:

The wind is blowing
And my balls are swinging
Find me some women
By God.

He was utterly charmed by it and would repeat it Every. Single. Time. he felt the slightest breeze upon his face, including, memorably, that time when his very genteel grandparents had the local parish priest over for afternoon tea in their garden.
Tags: parenthood
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