deep sky, firefly (rainsinger) wrote,
deep sky, firefly

The Etiquette Master

One of the greatest joys of Matei's life is relating to others the rules of good behaviour, and one of the greatest joys of mine is listening to him.

M (to the cats) - Don't scratch the curtains. It's not nice.

M (to a 9-month old) - Don't throw the toy. It's not nice.

M (to houseguests) - Those are Mommy's Things. Don't touch.

M (to me) - You have no socks on. You must put on some socks.

Me to M: It's time to go to bed now.
M: No thank you.

Work has kindly released us early, so I'm off to do some complex and ill-advised cookery assissted by a small person in anticipation of the triumph that is convincing my sister's (ginger-haired, six-foot boyfriend) who has agreed to be Santa this year.

Happy holidays and best wishes for the season to you and yours. xxx
Tags: glee, parenthood, quotes
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