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Evil Sluts and Ethnic Ambassadors

My Crush of the Week - Evil Slutopia . Feminism and brains and cartoons and pop culture snark oh yis. They light up my Google Reader like a star.

Inter-ethnic Balkan conflicts and politics, as explained concisely by Z:

Z: Well Croats are cunts because of the way they suck up and manipulate. They came out of that whole shitty war smelling like roses because they know who to play attendance to and they've thought about PR.

On the other hand PR is something the Serbs, the idiots, don't think about. Always waving their dicks around like their dicks are bigger than anyone else's and it makes you want to punch them. Plus they act like they don't need any allies because 'God's people! We are God's people and if we have the protection of God then it doesn't matter if the rest of the world hates us!'

Z and I watched The Tour at the Canary Wharf Film Festival recently and it made us howl with laughter and shiver with chills just like the best of the Yug cinema should. I've been delighted to find that someone has uploaded the whole of the film onto YouTube.

The Tour is a comedy drama set in 1993 (the worst years of the war) where a group of veteran actors from Belgrade (who are largely playing themselves) are tempted by the promise of money to go and perform on the Serbian Front Lines in Bosnia and then become sucked into the war as they bounce fron one side to the next.

In the segment of the film below, they storm off in the night after a performance results in a fight with the Serbian soldiers and they end up running into Croatian troops. All the actors are Serbs, aside from Sonja (Mira Furlan) who is Croat, so they thrust her forward as a sort of ambassador while the rest either smile fixedly or try to imitate the Croat dialect.

It's something that I find myself doing quite often. Thrusting Z forward (he's a Croat) whenever we're in any ethnically tense or sensitive situations (because as he said, better PR) while I smile brightly and fixedly and go "Oooh! Look A Croat! Please don't kill me."


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Sep. 14th, 2009 11:21 am (UTC)
You must tell all Yugoslav movies!
Me and J had thrashy Severina, Proeski tunes played out!
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