deep sky, firefly (rainsinger) wrote,
deep sky, firefly

Helpful things to say to your wife on the morning of the day that she is going to be reading in front of 1400 people:
'' You've got something on your face''
''A zit''

I hold no truck with concealers, mostly through never having used one and fearing that they would accentuate the problem when used by my inept hands. However, happily a lifetime of colouring in the ladders in my tights has been preparing me for just this emergency. Out came the eyeliner and my zit has become a beauty spot.

Naturally I consider this the pinnacle of improvisational genius, but it still doesn't protect from the possibility of people coming up to me and suggesting in concerned tones that I get me to a dermatologist ASAP, because they don't know how to tell me this but I might have face cancer since my beauty spot is such an unnatural colour.

(I am in Chicago for BlogHer, where the free WiFi and my iGo keyboard may at some point enable me to reply to all your comments)
Tags: blogher, holiday, travelling
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