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chase me like a sheep

I would despair except for the amusement value.

The text of a Bosnian Hotline add (I have done my best to translate but a lot of the splendour of this will be lost since you can't hear the breathy moaning voice of the woman doing it, or the woman singing *lie to me* in the background and you can't appreciate that in my native language all this actually rhymes.)

NB: the Bosnian language often features use of the word ba, the close etymological relative of the scouser la

Zero four one
Three threes
Three twos
I am so horny, ba
Oh I am so horny
I want to lick your big balls
Jerk me against you
Surge into me like an animal
Slap me, spank me, mark me,
That feels so good, ba

This is the translated of the actual excrept from a live radio interview of one of the leaders of SPO (Serbian Movement for Reform)

Interviewer:.... blockade of the roads between the 25th and the 28th of July

Velimir Ilic: What have I got to do with, I have nothing to do with that, this is the first time I hear nor do I know where any of the blockades are. Where are the blockades?

I: Well.. the blockade on the roads... some refugees from a few of the centres reported it, and they say it is there by the persusasion of the president of New Serbia, Mr. Velimir Ilic.

V.I.: This is the first time in my life I hear of anything like that. Who says that I persudaded anything?

I: Well Mr. Nebojsa Covic (he is one of the leaders of the Democratic party) today at the newspaper conference

V.I.: You know what mr. Nebojsa Covic is a criminal, a manipul-a crook, a Belgrade trash about whom I wish to comment no furtuer, every day he something-what has he got against me? Tell him he can suck my dick, please feel free to broadcast this on your radio. I have not seen that man, nor met him with any refugees nowadays, nor do I have anything to do with that.

He can see what he wants to do with them. He is their daddy not I. He got money from the governemnt to solve the problems of Serbs from Kosovo so he can solve that, I don't give a damn and I have nothing to do with that... Let someone personally tell me that I have a clue... Nor do I know any refugees, I have never met any, nor has anyone asked me about blockades and so on.

And Nebojsa Covic is a sick man, he is a mentally ill disturbed cretin who I can't stand because he is ill. Every day I listen to him on television, something, he is a sick man! If he has something against me he can come and tell me to my face... Nebojsa Covic is a man for treatment, you need to take him away. I will be the sponsor of the treatment since he has shown that he doesn't know how to spend the money he got.

I: I apologise if I have-

V.I.: He is trash, I have nothing to do with refugees, what blockades, what barricades, I have nothing to do with any of that, man, I've got pneumonia and have been at home in bed for days.

I: aha.

V.I.: For fucks's sakes... that is a communist trash... a couple of nights ago he provoked/slandered me on the television of Studio B, and every day on Studio B, suck my dick you from Studio B and Nebojsa Covic with you. There, say that Ilic said it so I don't fuck your mothers when I get to Studio B and throw you all out of the window.

And my dick is full (literally translated, means I've had enough of something) of that jerk Beckovic (she is a political news presenter a little bit like Jeremy Paxman), I would give her my dick to suck but she is way too ugly.

I: Mr. Ilic, thank you very much...

V.I: Shame on all of you and on Covic and you, fuck yourselves, I wank on all of you.

On a completely separate note, is there any kind soul with some web space spare who would like to host a picture for me?


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Jan. 15th, 2004 03:12 am (UTC)
No wonder the region is unstable if disagreements are made like schoolchildren of the under 7 variety:O

i can host, but you'd have to mail pic to either me or proximity
Jan. 15th, 2004 04:01 pm (UTC)
egad .. yes. .. me or meat, either of us can host it, it would be in the same place, so it doesn't matter who you send it to. :)
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