deep sky, firefly (rainsinger) wrote,
deep sky, firefly

thinking of you thinking of me

A month or so ago, I had a vivid dream of a friend from my course, in which he had asked his girlfriend to marry him. I told him about it when I saw him the next day, but he didn't smile or reply.

A week later he told me had had asked her to marry him over the weekend, and the day I'd shared my dream he had the engagement ring in his bag.

Yesterday I got a bone-deep powerful urge to talk to a friend of mine I had lost touch with a few years ago but not knowing how to go about it as I no longer had his contact details and I couldn't remember his last name. This morning, I woke up to find a message from him.

And I love moments like this and I love how we are each of us like radio transmitters beaming and receiving waves, meeting and connecting in space.
Tags: the hundred secret senses
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