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I have still to commit to social commentary the whole Matei Turning Blue, Spending 6 billion hours in A&E of which 5 Billion were spent waiting for him to Pee, episode from last week because I still feel vaguely traumatised by the whole experience. Instead, let us have Internet Links! And Humor.

A friend recently sent me a link to this place in Montenegro where we spent all formative summers, and indeed where Matei will be running shortly. Now I love Montenegro unreservedly, one might say unconditionally, considering how charming I find their lawlessness and creative approach to the truth - and that link contains the best of many worlds.

Let me give you the guided tour.
Here's some brief history It was used as a port since the 18th Century and in the 19th Century Russians tried to make it a legal port which European Forces opposed due to determined efforts to keep Russians away from their seas. Two stone storing houses were built to hold corn and supplies for sailing ships in the 16th Century. Nobody destroyed them.

Here's a map and a segment about the climate which informs me that average daily temperatures in July are 24 C, which will make a nice change from July temperatures of 40C I remember experiencing as recently as last year.

Under the heading Outings and Transport we have.... a taxi rank. And a parking lot.

Afterwards, you might like to shop in the Shops and Newsagents which contain a teeny supermarket historically staffed by grumpy middle aged women or bored teenagers who project a dedicated manevolence and consider the height of customer service not telling you to fuck yourself to your face.

But my favourite category is Parks. It says: Canj is full of beautiful parks and then offers photos of same park from three different angles and a shot of the hillside. (I'm waiting for the next category to go up called Nature Reserve featuring same hillside and calling it a Safari Park in which you can observe snakes, discarded rubbish and packs of stray dogs in their natural environment).

Incidentally, the two blue bridges in the third and fourth photograph are footpaths over the aqueduct, and I don't know about you, but nothing says picturesque to me quite like the presence of dirty water/sewage.


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Jun. 17th, 2009 06:57 am (UTC)
I know I am supposed to appreciate a certain EastEuropean charm and their shops' very familiar customer service almost rivalling to that of Russians,
but good grief, poor boy...hope post-andrenaline doesn't come on too hard...
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