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Useless Housewives of Greater London County

Before I get onto the subject of this post, I need to do a SQUUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEE of joy and utter disbelief as I'm going to be reading at BlogHer 09 Community Keynote. Now, excuse me while I go and have a faint in the corner. To distract you, here's a post I wrote earlier.

If coursework while parenting is to blogging what Jaws was to my swimming, then annual leave comes as a welcome oasis in a desert for arsing around on the internet and concocting ambitious plans that are almost guaranteed to fail.

Like, take yesterday morning. Waking up to child, birdsong and a dirty laundry basket so overflowing that it was threatening to crush us all, I leapt up with good cheer and enlisted help of child into feeding the washing machine and then when it was done I bounced gaily into the garden with him in order to hang the clothes to dry all over his play equipment.

By midafternoon the clothes were mostly dry and smelling wonderful. Hahaha! I crowed to myself with smugness. These clothes smell of sunlight and fresh air! I rule at housewifing! I may yet conquer ironing! Tralalala!

Of course not long after I thought that (but long before I had the opportunity to take the laundry in) the heavens opened up in a thunderstorm of such thrilling magnitude that both cats tried concussing themselves in their hurry to get inside the house.

Acid rain will make my whites brilliantly white, right?

In other news I cannot find Important Document, but I did stumble across a Belgrade photoblog by an American ex-pat. I love photoblogs since they cater to both my voyeuristic impulses and short attention span, and this one manages to capture the excellent things I see but never have a camera on hand for. Such as health and safety breaches and customised transportation galore. There is indeed no place like home.
Tags: achievements, glee, links, nostalgia, only in yugoslavia
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