deep sky, firefly (rainsinger) wrote,
deep sky, firefly

An even mix of Awwww and AAArghhh

Z has planned some Mysterious Child-Free Getaway for us tomorrow, which is surprising, thrilling, deeply romantic and the stress equivalent of those dreams in which you have to sit an exam you haven't studied for.

He keeps dropping hints such as 'Pack your sunglasses' but telling me I have half an hour to find an accessory in a house whose filing system consists of 'Move things randomly out of the baby's reach' is essentially a nice way of saying: 'I hope you enjoy heart attacks'.

On the other hand a whole day of romantic childlessness at an unspecified enticing destination (Z: "You will need your bikini") sounds exciting enough to risk seeing with an unprotected eye.

To compensate for my spectacular failure to know where my glasses or my keys are I have painted in the chipped bits of my toenail polish and am wearing a turqoise scarf as an alice band and am prepared to sashay hard and with flair.

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