deep sky, firefly (rainsinger) wrote,
deep sky, firefly

I dreamt I slept in a bed, instead of with a tattoo keyboard on my face

Yesterday someone made Z sad because they nicked his bike from in front of our house, so today I have resolved to make him happy by packing away all our winter coats so that our hallway is less of a mess. I am also starting a second Cheer Up Your Husband project - I have gone through my wardrobes to take out the good stuff I've hardly worn (M&S skirts, mostly) and sell it on ebay to see if it generates enough cash to buy him another bike. Normally I prefer to just give stuff away since a trip to the Post Office eats my soul, but these are trying financial times and between the service charges for the house and the nice hotel reservations for my birthday there aint's a lot of cash to throw around.

I haven't been this underslept since Matei was a newborn. I've been averaging 4 hours sleep per day the last two weeks, and the trend is set to continue until July - which is an awful lot of undersleptedness on one hand, but a surprisingly short time in which to prepare and write the further thousands of words I need to hand in. Hmmmm.

I am turning six hours worth of meetings into minutes and the process is mind-crushing enough to make me turn to Food Roulette - mozarella cheese that went off yesterday and tortellini with pancetta which expired on Monday. Dubious and delicious.

It's also why I will always be fat. My lazy metabolism is no match for my enthusiastic apetite.
Tags: blather, experiments in sleep deprivation
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