deep sky, firefly (rainsinger) wrote,
deep sky, firefly

I am wearing sandals, so therefore I declare today to be a WIN despite all evidence to the contrary

Today's failures in chronological order:

*Letting child roam around the room at 7am, left to wreak what havoc he pleased while his father and I slept under the guise of 'ignoring the bad behaviour' and 'enhancing his independece' but mostly'laziness'

*Getting dates of meetings confused

*Forgetting Very Important Unique Keys at home and needing to return for them in my lunch break

*Spilling a mugful of hot tea all over my nice dress and trousers just prior to Big Important Meeting thereby making it impossible to follow the First Aid guidelines about Removing Clothes and Sticking Thigh Under Cold Running Water for 10 minutes.

*Attempting to look as cool and collected and professional as possible for a person with a soaked lap.

However, there is sunlight today my friends! And 20 degrees Celsius! It's nice to see global warming finally working for us and bringing us an early spring so I'm all 'What are first degree burns amongst friends?' and 'Pomegranate tea was my least favourite flavour' and 'What dress was not enhanced by brown stains?' and 'I wonder if my misfortune can generate sufficient compassion to make my bid for funds succeed?'

Oh yeah. Rocking out with sunlight and lowering expectations in the workplace since 2000
Tags: a series of unfortunate events, blather, glee
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