deep sky, firefly (rainsinger) wrote,
deep sky, firefly

Matei has decided to start going to bed later and waking up earlier (ostensibly so he can have more time in which to babble baby nonsense at me) and I'm not sure what to call this crime (mutiny? sedition? treason? disturbing the peace?) but I Do Not Like It and I'm refusing to go down without a fight. Guerilla countermeasures have been initiated, mostly in the form of getting him to run in the fresh air until he keels over.

Z killed the computer with a defragment but has resurrected it at long last, and we celebrated by watching The Changeling - which was an excellent film, albeit terrfying, and I'm still not sure why my mother said it had 'a happy ending'.

I hope chocolate and good times have been had by all. An empty bottle of sloe gin is my new definition of an excellent evening.
Tags: baby, blather, parenthood, showing my liver who's boss
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