deep sky, firefly (rainsinger) wrote,
deep sky, firefly

my work may be lost but my soul is unsinkable

Work disaster! I have taken it upon myself to do Thankless Presentation which is proving even more soul-destroying by having several hours of my work vanish just now. Argh, argh, argh.

Also daylight savings time has stolen an hour from me recently, and I still have not recovered.

Therefore, in a brief bid to stop my mind from imploding I shall tell you of things that have made me happy recently:

1) Taking Matei swimming on Sunday. We frolicked in a warm pool and within three minutes his initial Baby Death Grip was replaced by an urge to jump out of my arms and drown try out a leapfrog-like swimming style. Great enjoyment was had by all, compounded by the fact that several hours later he took a two hour evening nap (from 6 until 8 pm) - which is unprecedented because he prefers to confine his daytime rest activities to one 45 minute sleep. Although we feared that this would mean he would not fall asleep again until 3am, by 8:30 he was exhibiting signs of tiredness and after we exchanged some smiles he lay his head against my shoulder and slid his arm around my body and I lay there listening to his breathing becoming deeper and deeper and that was that. As a bonus he stayed in his cot and didn't stir until 8 in the morning and Z and I got to enjoy the luxury of being able to stretch out in our own bed and sleep without anyone kicking us in the teeth.


2) I have a new spring cardigan which is pleasing to me on account of a) its fiery coral colour b) the fact that it was on sale.

3)I am going to be reading at Cringe tomorrow night. Free entry, teenage diaries, bad poetry and the promise of alcohol! You know you like it and want to come. If anyone wants more details about it, consult Antonia.
Tags: baby, blather, tales of toil
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