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The mess in my house is currently unquantifiable. Z and I are painting one of the rooms, because we are hardcore profoundly insane. The painting may sound relatively simple to the childless but it involved the following:

-Z looking after the baby while I cleaned out our storage area. (A process rendered more enjoyable by the fact that I could finally move around in there, and find and pair all my shoes; so pleasurable did I find it in fact that I may have gotten a bit carried away with lining up all my ballet flats and lost track of the main task. Fortunately both Matei and Z were on hand to howl at me).

-Z and I working as a team to take everything off the shelves in the room and put it in the newly-cleared storage. In order to be able to complete this task we let Matei amuse himself by doing whatever he wanted that wouldn’t actually lead to the destruction of himself or the house. He chose to spend his time dismantling the living room and creating a breadcrumb trail of CDs to mark his passage through the house.

-Z dismantling shelves and painting while I fed, pyjamad and lulled to sleep the baby.

- Both adults collapsing in bed freezing cold and tired.

So at the end of all that, the walls look lovely but the rest of the house looks like it’s been looted and ransacked. It is debatable whether I will have the strength or time to amend this state of affairs tonight.

Also, Z has paint all over his hands, my hair is standing up at odd angles, my throat is sore from the dust and my son is high from the pleasure of having been permitted to tip out the contents of every box in the coffee table and hasn’t had a bath in three days.

Stay tuned for the pictures of the finished product and please don’t come visit me yet.
Tags: baby, cautionary tales, house!, z
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