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Jan. 6th, 2009

It is New year and I am crazy!
You will know that this is true when I tell you that I've spent a week of my life tagging all my old entries since 2003. This made me realise several things:

1)My kitchen cupboards may be a mess, although at least my blog is tidy.

2)I used to write a lot when I was unemployed.

3)Not all of it was unreadable drivel.

4)In fact my writing then was better than my stream of consciousness stuff now. I may be able to wing it through many aspects of life on charm and eyelashes alone, but blogging isn't one of them.

5) I changed a lot of privacy settings, because stuff that was current and pressing then is now History and the people I was protecting no longer need it.

In other news, I may end up needing some kind of midget-sized mask if I want to take my child out in public again. Matei may have learned walking but not Picking Up His Feet When Coming Across Obstacles and instead he has been meeting these obstacles with his face. At the moment he has bruises on his forehead, his nose, a cut on his ear and two bruises like dimples on his cheeks (but at least they are symmetrical!). He is starting to look more and more like baby P every day and me explaining that 'He walked into a door' doesn't sound that good either.


The Season of Parties is also over but he refuses to be convinced of that and has been holding nightly parties of his own in his bedroom. Largely they consist of him dancing in his crib and chattering brightly in baby nonsense 'daddadadaDAbabababBADADA'. I would be willing to turn a blind eye to this behaviour, except that he is unwilling to do it in the privacy of his own bedroom. Nooooo, baby needs an audience. Perhaps I really shouldn't have watched all that X-Factor when I was pregnant.

Our putting him to bed ritual used to involve bathtime, and then guzzling a bottle of milk and burping like a trucker and snuggling with Z and me on the sofa while we stroke his hair and watch television and he nests like a kitten until he falls asleep. A pleasant thing for all involved. Except that nowadays instead of snuggling on the sofa what he prefers doing is jumping up and down like a maniac and maybe smacking one of us on the head with the remote.

Therefore, shows are recorded while parents take turns sitting with the baby in a completely dark room, rocking in the rocking chair. And all throughout Matei keeps giving us these alert, indulgent looks that say: "I am never going to sleep! Never never never! But because I love you I will consent to sit in your lap for the next three hours if this pleases you and chatter at you while you sing me my lullabies until your voice breaks, shortly followed by YOUR SOUL, and every single time you put a dummy in my mouth I take it out in order to tell you more about my day. BababababaDADADADADAH!"

And the no sooner have we stamped out an uprising and sent him off to sleep finally, then he wakes up at some pre-dawn hour for another round of singing and dancing.

And then we do the same thing (in fact much as I was doing the same time last year, only with fewer tears and less cursing) in which our son looks at us in a cheerful, alert (so bloody alert! How can he be this energetic? Maybe we should put him to weaving carpets to tire him out a little) way all: "Isn't this nice? To think we could have wasted all that time sleeping, when instead you could be stroking my hair and I could be smacking you in the face lovingly. Let's do this again tomorrow."


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Jan. 6th, 2009 12:17 pm (UTC)
Hm, this puts a new cast on things. Where do these babies come from whose parents just put them in a cot from day one and they sleep?
Jan. 6th, 2009 12:35 pm (UTC)
Hah! I wish I knew, although it doesn't appear to be genetically transmitted.

Also thre's something irresistible about a laughing excited baby. Damn you baby for outwitting me once more!
Jan. 6th, 2009 12:34 pm (UTC)
Daniel fell out of his pushchair onto some concrete, breaking his fall with his face. It wasn't pretty. Luckily his hair covered up the biggest purple bruise.

It did make me realise how hard it must be for social services, since toddlers seem to spend all day finding new and unusual ways to hurt themselves.
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