deep sky, firefly (rainsinger) wrote,
deep sky, firefly

Fake Thanksgiving for my Real Friends

We had Fake Thanksgiving yesterday, and if I do say so myself I pronounce it a great success.

It was Z's first go at cooking turkey (but since he's brilliant at culinarity I had great faith in him) - he referred to stuffing it as'a strangely erotic experience' - and our Jewish guest overlooked our faux pas of the chorizo stuffing.

People indulged me by arriving later than anticipated (thus giving me more opportunity to clean the house, while at the same time wondering where was everybody) and by the time they came the house was tidy and the baby was chatty and the turkey was cooling and the starters were ready.

It was an evening that we liked so much we are resolved to try it again next year.

There was a lively discussion that evening about Science vs. Religion and I said that they were not that dissimilar since both involved elements of conjencture.

What I meant to say though, but didn't get around to because I was too deeply into wine, was that ultimately both are about wonders and miracles.

Finally, to everyone who expressed interest in stuff I write about astrology I am doing it over here.

Tags: friends, happiness, social whoring
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