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The whole suspense around the American Election is starting to get to me. So much so that I was briefly sorry that I couldn't afford to stay up to watch the results (work and small child say nooooooooo) even though in real-time it is often a bit more invigorating than watching paint dry. (Although nobody fears that paint will lead the world into disaster or to the brink of another world war, so it is much more invigorating in principle, obviously).

The world is in grip of a... kind of fever. And because I've always been welcoming to insanity I am actually contemplating setting my alarm for 4am so that I can get up and watch the last of couple of hours of the election results broadcast. Z has simply given me a scornful look when I tried to motivate him to do the same and assured me he would find it perfectly satisfactory to just read about the results when he gets into work tomorrow. Ninny.

As for me, this general pervasive fever for somebody to do something has spurred me to cut my own hair with kitchen scissors and without particular benefit of combs or a mirror. (I just woke up and realised that my hair was starting to look like a mullet and this struck me as so intollerable that I decided to hack away at it, preferring to chance it looking like choppy shit than living with the status quo). I couldn't verify the results completely (lack of proper mirrors in bathroom etc.) but it didn't look too bad and nobody at work has screamed or asked me whether I'd had a fight with hedge clippers which I am taking as a positive sign.

Today my work situation is much improved (I am sitting on an actual chair, typing on an actual laptop that is connected to actual internet).

Today I am succesfully avoiding appearing like a professional by wearing a strappy blue top with polka dots (but I challenge anyone not to be cheered by the sight of it, a necklace made of stars and my Emergency Earrings (the spare pair I keep in my purse in case something befalls my regular earrings).


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Nov. 4th, 2008 02:18 pm (UTC)
I was tempted to record the overnight BBC coverage and blast through it on fast forward tomorrow morning before finding out the result.
But that'd be too thoroughly geeky and I've got to get the kids ready in the morning. And the chance of being able to watch politics instead of Pokemon (or Big Barn Farm) is just about nil.
Nov. 4th, 2008 06:47 pm (UTC)
I early voted, and now I am waiting for election news to start!!!

I am impressed that you took scissors to your hair all by yourself! Now I want to see pics of your new 'do!
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