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Blogroll - the Cs

My Favourite of the C Blogs

Again, way more readable and interesting stuff than I am linking to including lots of deep and meaningful and wordy blogs that I didn't really give the attention they deserve, because well, I am tired. And my f-list is already populated by deep thinkers.

City On the River She is an ex-pat of some place that is not Japan, living in Japan. She is witty and confesses to procrastination. Sometimes that's all I need to feel an affinity for someone.

Chapstick and Fishnets The title alone was captivating.

CupCate Because she made me laugh. And didn't tax my brain with too many words.

Cynical Dad Proving that cynisism and parenting is a good mix.

Special mention to:

Clearly Delirious The red background makes my eyes hurt but oh my word the pictures of those babies are just an overload of cute and should only be consumed as part of a cute-controlled diet. It's like an Anne Geddes calender.

Even though I generally avoid craft blogs like the plague, I have to give credit where credit is due and this woman dressed up her dog as sushi for halloween

In the same vein this woman dressed up her baby as a carrot for Halloween which is just inspired.
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