deep sky, firefly (rainsinger) wrote,
deep sky, firefly

a snowflake in october is the butterfly effect of london transport

Dear England,

You know I am devoted to you and your many quirks. I find them charming! However, on behalf of every delayed journey I had yesterday I realise that the snow was unseasonal but really, get with the program already. Learn to deal. It was only an inch of snow if that.

For goodness sake' Serbia, SERBIA!, manages to year after year cope with all the ice, hail, and deep snow of winter and have public transport that still manages to run frequnetly and regularly, without getting into a tizzy. Therefore I am failed to be conviced that a grown up, developed nation like you England, cannot improve your record and make a plan to prevent transport mayhem breaking loose every single time a leaf or a snowflake(or too much rain; or too much sunshine) falls on the tracks.

I know all this transportational uncertainty was very soothing for the national morale back when the 7th of July bombings happened, because I like most other people commuting that day did not realise until much later that Acts of Terror had occured thinking it was just another regular day of delayed buses and tubes. However, with all due respect England, I do not think you need to keep being quite so protective of us and that we could proabably handle public transport that operates in all weather conditions.

I'd appreciate it if you would give your consideration to the matter.
Tags: surreal, this is england
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