deep sky, firefly (rainsinger) wrote,
deep sky, firefly

that will learn me

Ridiculous Accidneal Self-Injury

Yesterday, when shutting the car boot I accidentally slammed it down onto parts of myself. Soft parts of myself (like my arm and my nose) which strongly objected to this and have turned all kinds of purple to teach me a lesson.


This morning Matei slept-in until the unprecedented hour of 8:45am and so did Z and I. He was very chirpy but we were ridiculously late for everything.

Also the cat is preventing me from doing my coursework. He's all touch me, not the keyboard! I am soft! Here, let me headbutt your hands and walk all over the keyboard stepping on the delete key in the process just to show you the foolishness of attempting to do work when there are cats to be loved

I think he has interpreted the phrase 'Security Object' too literally

Since birth I have been attempting to ally my son to a variety of cuddly toys, soft blankets etc. in a shamelessly self-serving ploy to wean him off his preferred comfort routine (incessant, endless breastfeeding). And although he stopped nursing he still never showed an attachment to any one cuddly thing, in fact showed no preference for things at all until he laid his paws on a plastic hammer. Since then, he won't let it go. He eats with it, sleeps with it, sings to it, gesticulates wildly with it.

It is like living with a minature God of Thunder (although his hammer doesn't magically return to the owner when thrown; MAJOR DESIGN FLAW). Z and I live in fear of being smited, unrepetant sinner that we are.

Using Ur Fearz Against U Since Infancee

Although Matei becomes a helpless fan-boy at the sight of ducks, cats and squirrels, dogs largely revolt him and he is frightened of frogs.

Nowadays, when I don't want him to touch something I put a wooden frog on top of it.
Tags: a series of unfortunate events, adventures in foreign, baby, friends, parenthood
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