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Tip For Cutting Corners In Childcare #39

Maternity Pillow - Don't Get Pregnant Without It.

I'm loving those long sausage-shaped granule filled maternity pillows. They are the best mothering tool EVAR. Not only did they make sleeping in pregnancy and breastfeeding after much more physically comfortable, but they also ease life with baby.

For instance, in the morning the cushion can be folded into a U-shape to prop up a fed infant and a Bright Attractive Toy, giving infant whole minutes of gurgly viewing pleasure like so: and enabling the infant's mother to sprint to the kitchen to get the next round of pacifiers from the steriliser as well as a bowl of cereal for herself. Cereal can then be consumed in bed in easy view of gurlging infant while exchanging polite 'Ah goo's between spoonfuls.

The pillow's second and MOST IMPORTANT PURPOSE is that its warm and yielding nature makes it a good substitute for the human embrace and more often than not an infant who has fallen into glorious sleep on its mother can be transferred onto the pillow instead and settled into it without waking up. This clever manouver allows infant's mother the use of both hands which is a deep, deep and intoxicating joy akin to the one she used to experience from cocktail drinking in her pre-baby life.

Child 1: Parents :1

Although Matei has been persuaded to give up feeding at night and is now happy to go up to 8 hours between meals he has retaliated through refusing to spend those meal-free hours sleeping. Instead he has developed a ghastly habit of feeling especially friendly and alert and sociable between the hours of 1-3am. And while it is disheartening to be faced by one's bright-eyed and beaming baby at 2am, at least this can be a shared misery since both of the infant's parents are equally qualified to rock the cradle and moan to each other afterwards.
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