deep sky, firefly (rainsinger) wrote,
deep sky, firefly

A Drama in Three Cats

First Cat: I am so humiliated. I have never been this embarassed in my entire life. I must hide my face in shame.

Second Cat: I rejoice in your humiliation! However it also gives me vague feelings of dread. Or deja vu? Emotions are so confusing. So are memories!

Urchin Cat: I am so glad that my history of abuse makes me too fragile to be a candidate for this.

First Cat: Look at how well I blend with the floor! Perhaps, if I concentrate a bit harder I could just... disappear....

Second Cat: I am currently calculating the cost/benefit analysis of furthering your downfall First Cat. Or maybe chasing butterflies! It's hard to keep track! My mind it is so scattered! Pretty blue dish! It have food? No food! Life, it is so full of mysteries!

Urchin Cat: If I still had my womb I would totally lose respect for you as the Alpha Male, First Cat. Although perhaps gazing upon my daintyness will lift up your spirits in your time of need. Here, let me show you my ankles. I am a hussy like that.

First Cat: I have chased mice! And postmen! I have conquered shoes! I am MEANT FOR GREATER THINGS! I do not deserve your petty abuses! If only my mild nature did not prevent me from plotting all of your demises while you sleep.

Urchin Cat My sense of security enables me to look on this scene with curiosity and detachment.

First Cat: If only this wretched wretched flesh could but produce thumbs that bend and oppose I would rend this garment from myself! And then rend your flowerbeds! Even more than now!
Tags: cat drawmah
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