deep sky, firefly (rainsinger) wrote,
deep sky, firefly

Would you like a cat? I've got a spare.

"The baby is fine. Strepsils are not heroin" is merely the latest additions to Things I Never Thought I'd Say In My Life.

And on the subjects of additions, a beautiful little tortoiseshell cat has spent a week living in the garden before she overcame her terror of Anything That Isn't Milica The Cat and has spent the last five days ingratiating herself into the household. Asylum Seeking Cat is absolutely adorable and her main interests at present appear to be: 1) Gadding about through the garden with First Cat 2) having her face stroked 3) purring loudly while curled against some crook of my body 4) eating. Nevertheless the majority of her time is still spent in Hiding Under The Bed because she appears equally torn between her hunger for interaction and her terror that We Will Do Something Horrible To Her, because the moment one of us does anything as irresponsible as say speak, or move across the room she flees. We're waiting a while to have her calm down a bit more before we stuff her into a tiny box and take her to the vet to scan her for microchips but I am suspecting that she doesn't want to return wherever she came from. Z and I are still firmly in denial over the fact that we are becoming a three-cat household (for the added vet bills and insurance would surely make us weep and I'm sort of hoping that another loving home may be found for her.

And in line with my determination Not To Think Of THe Sad Things, I shall talk instead about the fact that my dearly beloved friend Susan is here, and that I am on Annual Leave and that I had a perfectly delightful weekend, enhanced by the company of webofevil and the 5000 pancakes Z had whipped up.

And finally, happy birthday to my shiny honey humanfemale!I hope a glorious year awaits you, and I heart you and miss you and you should try strange foods while in Australia and continue to not get killed.
Tags: cat drawmah, friends, happiness, pregnancy, quotes
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